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What is ARKLauncher?

ARKLauncher significantly reduces the time required to launch your own custom blockchain, removing much of the complexities associated with such a task. Using ARKLauncher’s Blockchain Wizard, you can set up and launch your own blockchain in just a few steps:

  • Customize Your Blockchain - Choose from over 30 adjustable parameters to customize your blockchain according to your individual requirements
  • Connect a Server Provider - Select a hosting company that will provide the servers necessary to launch your blockchain
  • Invite Your Team (Optional) - Invite team members so that they can assist with managing your blockchain and assign unique permissions to control their level of access, and
  • Launch Your Blockchain - Finalize the setup process and launch your blockchain

ARKLauncher provides you with access to all the tools you need to build, launch and maintain your own blockchain. In addition, any updates made to ARKLauncher require no input from your side, and being web-based, updates occur seamlessly. This means you always have access to the latest version of ARKLauncher regardless of which device you use, making it ideal for developers who want to run their own sovereign blockchain or corporate entities that need to tokenize their offerings.

ARKLauncher also gives you the ability to set up different types of servers in addition to your genesis node, including forgers, relays and explorers. Using ARKLauncher’s intuitive UI, deploying additional servers is just a few mouse clicks away.

ARKLauncher simplifies the process of launching a blockchain and does all the heavy lifting for you, meaning you can get up and running with relatively little effort.


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